This course is designed to reinforce and expand written communication skills and to encourage writing with confidence. Emphasis is placed on the writing process, encompassing essay development and research techniques. Students will understand that writing is both a process and a product, and they will gain the confidence to produce effective personal and professional written communication.

First of a two-semester course designed to assist students in the writing of proficient prose. This section of the course emphasizes analysis of such components of rhetorical essays as audience, organization of evidence, purpose, voice, thesis development, and tone. Focus is on the following rhetorical patterns: process analysis, division and classification, comparison and contrast, cause and effect, and definition.

Prerequisite: ENGL 010 or competence.

This course offers an overview of convictions and life dynamics involved in effective Christian living and service. Included is a study of the eternal purpose of life, the promotion of personal spiritual growth through discipline and development of spiritual gifts, talents, and passions for a deliberate life of service to God through sharing the love and message of God with people.

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