This course is designed to give the student a basic understanding of how to manage personal finances from a Biblical perspective. Major topics include: implementing a financial plan, budgeting for consumption and savings, stewardship issues, and debt planning.


A study of the financial forms of business organization, with special attention to the corporation and its advantages and disadvantages; capital stocks and bonds; budgeting; dividend policy; failure and reorganization; financial accounting; and cash flows.

Students will survey the redemptive story of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, emphasizing how that story shapes the Christian’s worldview and affects life decisions.

Principles of Bible Study (PBS) is a practical study of elementary tools, principles, and methods of the literary interpretation necessary for proper application of Scripture. (3 hours)

A study of the origins, history, present trends, and prospects of the Restoration Movement, that began in the nineteenth century for promoting the unity of the Church on the basis of Scripture and Apostolic precedents.