A study of the aims and methods of linguistic science, as well as the nature and functions of language under the topics: phonetics, phonology, morphosyntax, semantics, historical linguistics and dialectology, and the relation of writing, culture, and biology to language.

This course offers an overview of convictions and life dynamics involved in effective Christian living and service. Included is a study of the eternal purpose of life, the promotion of personal spiritual growth through discipline and development of spiritual gifts, talents, and passions for a deliberate life of service to God through sharing the love and message of God with people.

Provides an organizational development model in human resource management to prepare professionals to train and develop people throughout the career continuum. Presents an overview of mentoring and coaching, the role of team leaders and managers in performance appraisals, and orientation programs.

Students will learn how to apply different models and styles of conflict resolution to lead an individual or group through the process of conflict resolution.

The market economy functioning through demand and supply; focus on consumer decision making, firm decision making in different market structures, worker decision making, and selected microeconomic issues.