Spring 2022 - Online Session C 

A study of data analysis and statistical inference. Topics include descriptive statistics, an introduction to probability, continuous and discrete random variables, probability distributions, basic sampling techniques, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing with small and large samples, linear regression and correlation, and an introduction to the analysis of variance.

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A study of the financial forms of business organization, with special attention to the corporation and its advantages and disadvantages; capital stocks and bonds; budgeting; dividend policy; failure and reorganization; financial accounting; and cash flows.

Principles of Bible Study (PBS) is a practical study of elementary tools, principles, and methods of the literary interpretation necessary for proper application of Scripture. (3 hours)

This course introduces economic analysis of aggregate employment, income, and prices. Topics include major schools of economic thought; aggregate supply and demand; economic measures, fluctuations, and growth; money and banking; stabilization techniques; and international trade. Upon completion, students should be able to evaluate national economic components, conditions, and alternatives for achieving socioeconomic goals.

An overview of the science of psychology, the systematic study of the mind and behavior. Points of emphasis include history, terminology, and a broad study of theoretical and applied concepts.

Required text:

Griggs, R., A., & Jackson, S. L. (2020). Psychology: A concise introduction (6th ed.). Worth.