Summer 2022 Schedule of Courses.

NOTE – these are 4-week courses. The workload necessitates that a student is able to commit 30+ hours a week completing the necessary activities for the course.

This course is designed to reinforce and expand written communication skills and to encourage writing with confidence. Emphasis is placed on the writing process, encompassing essay development and research techniques. Students will understand that writing is both a process and a product, and they will gain the confidence to produce effective personal and professional written communication.

Examines the first five books of the Old Testament for their value as a record of the origin of the universe and all life, the development of civilization, and the birth of the people of Israel, with special emphasis on the mighty acts of God as a source of revelation.

An overview of the science of psychology, the systematic study of the mind and behavior. Points of emphasis include history, terminology, and a broad study of theoretical and applied concepts.

Required text:

Griggs, R., A., & Jackson, S. L. (2020). Psychology: A concise introduction (6th ed.). Worth.