This course covers topics of algebra, including linear functions, equations, and inequalities; systems of equations in two variables; polynomial functions; rational and radical equations and inequalities; exponential and logarithmic functions; ratios, proportions, variation, and graphing.

This course examines the theoretical and practical implications of marketing in the sports industry by presenting a framework to help explain and organize the strategic marketing process. Offers a growing appreciation on the globalization of sports and an understanding of the ethical issues emerging in sports and their impact on sport marketing decisions.

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This orientation course is designed to help you get comfortable with the structure and navigation of the online classroom, as well as get to know MACU.  Resources, tools, and support are provided to help you succeed in every area of your educational journey!    


Principles of Bible Study (PBS) is a practical study of elementary tools, principles, and methods of the literary interpretation necessary for proper application of Scripture. (3 hours)