Introduction to the legal issues in sport. Study of safety, negligence and liability in sport. Explores how the legal system, principles of legal liability, contract law, and government regulation apply to sport. Designed to help teachers, coaches, facility managers, program directors, etc. develop the knowledge and skills to recognize and eliminate dangerous situations before they become a problem. Students are exposed to many legal concepts impacting sport.

The founding and early history of the church, with emphasis upon model conversions and other doctrinal passages.

First of a two-semester course designed to assist students in the writing of proficient prose. This section of the course emphasizes analysis of such components of rhetorical essays as audience, organization of evidence, purpose, voice, thesis development, and tone. Focus is on the following rhetorical patterns: process analysis, division and classification, comparison and contrast, cause and effect, and definition.

Prerequisite: ENGL 010 or competence.

Traces the sequence and significance of Hebrew history from the division of the Israelite nation to the return from Babylonian captivity and the restoration of the Jewish state including a survey of the historical context and content of each of the literary prophets of the Hebrew Bible (aka Old Testament).