Summer 2016 - Session E for online education

When you read the title of this course, you may tend to put all your emphasis on the word “communication.” That would lead to a misunderstanding about what the course is about. The study of Organizational Communication puts just as much emphasis on the word “organizational.” This is because OC is about everything related to organizations and because everything is also connected with communication. While courses in public speaking, interpersonal communication, or group dynamics look at communication on the ground where human beings relate to one another in specific situations, OC soars above and looks down at the organization and its environment to see not only how organizations communicate, but also how communication itself shapes organizations.

This course is a study of children's literature including an overview of the history, genres, and topics appropriate for children in pre-school through grade 6. Traditional and modern works are read and critiqued. Emphasis is placed on evaluation and presentation of literature for children across the curriculum so as to instill not only an appreciation of knowledge and value gained from literature but also the aesthetic pleasure gained from reading and sharing literature.

The founding and early history of the church, with emphasis upon model conversions and other doctrinal passages. 

This course surveys the book of Psalms. Introductory matters such as authorship, date and canonicity are treated briefly. Study includes major themes and study of a selection of individual psalms. Emphasizes learning to interpret and apply properly in personal life and sermon/lesson preparation. Prerequisite: GB 201.