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This orientation course is designed to help you get comfortable with the structure and navigation of the online classroom, as well as get to know MACU.  Resources, tools, and support are provided to help you succeed in every area of your educational journey!    


This course explores the practice of starting, managing, and sustaining a small business enterprise. Course is designed for a business/non-business major student entry level perspective. Emphasis is placed on introducing and integrating basic business concepts such as concept creation, managing operations, marketing, business plan development, financing sources, and human resource management. Additionally, a Christian perspective on Entrepreneurship will be discussed including honesty and business ethics.

A study of the financial forms of business organization, with special attention to the corporation and its advantages and disadvantages; capital stocks and bonds; budgeting; dividend policy; failure and reorganization; financial accounting; and cash flows.

Interpreting Biblical Literature (IBL) is a practical study of the tools, principles and methods of the literary interpretation necessary for proper application of Scripture and for the production of exegetical papers, sermons and lessons. 

The founding and early history of the church, with emphasis upon model conversions and other doctrinal passages. 

Examines the first five books of the Old Testament for their value as a record of the origin of the universe and all life, the development of civilization, and the birth of the people of Israel, with special emphasis on the mighty acts of God as a source of revelation.

This course surveys the book of Psalms. Introductory matters such as authorship, date and canonicity are treated briefly. Study includes major themes and study of a selection of individual psalms. Emphasizes learning to interpret and apply properly in personal life and sermon/lesson preparation. Prerequisite: GB 201.

This course is an examination of the scientific study of human behavior with an emphasis on terminology, concepts, and personal awareness.